Signs of Light

‘Fate’s Woken Dream’ by Osho

Signs of Light – May 3rd to 16th 2021 @Creative Space Gallery in North Curl Curl

Katika Schultz / Jackelyn Bickell / Osho

Three local artist interpret various qualities of light, each through their own unique aesthetic.

Join us for a dynamic opening night experience to launch an eleven day exhibition with multiple sensory workshops.

About the Artists

Katika Schultz:

Award winning Northern Beaches Artist Katika Schultz studies printmaking at the National Art School Sydney. She is an accomplished curator, directing five exhibitions in 2019 through her brainchild, Yawway. A not for profit gallery and creative space run by local artists and musicians. Known by her peers as a philanthropic dynamo, 2020 saw her hold residency at La Creme Creative, Brookvale where she completed a series of captivating portraits, all this while completing her final year assessments. Katika is a gifted painter who deals in the currency of light, dark and colour across a range of mediums. Her water on wood paintings are refreshingly unique and highly regarded in the Sydney art scene. Make sure to check out her work on instagram @skillzbykat

Jackelyn Bickell:

Jackelyn Bickell is a multidisciplinary artist with a penchant for all the textures of three dimensional mixed media design. She incorporates fabrics, textiles, woodwork and dyes in her workflow, to name but a few. Always ready to amaze with her next piece whether it be an installation for a wedding or the perfect wall hanging to complete a room, Jackelyn draws our attention to the nature of light by showing us how it interacts with a broad variety of materials. With an unmatched eye for arrangement she is also a curator in her own right working as part of the Yawway Collective throughout 2019. Don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest projects by checking out her instagram feed @toledoproject


Osh Joyce is a photographer and writer who is transfixed by the ocean and its power to continuously transform our coastal landscapes. His work focuses on the liminal space between land, sea and sky, attempting to capture the flow and flux therein. Osho ritually seeks moments where the environment is defined by dramatic light and movement in attempt to offer visual metaphors for our relationship with life, death and the dream world. Follow @osho_photo on instagram for his latest imagery and occasional haiku.

How to get there:

Creative Space Gallery: 105 Abbott Road North Curl Curl

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